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Geoffrey Sadwith

Well this is exact, and I repeat exactly, what should be happening in every state. But not just for seniors! For everyone. For all middle class and working class folks who are dealing with this Pandemic and even if they weren't -- they deserve a break! Tens of millions of people in America have filed Unemployment... we have to do some permanent things to help our citizens. A real president would be one. But we need systems in place that will help take some of the load off people permanently... At this point, unfortunately, California is the only state with property tax relief programs that all our other states can mirror, if they have any sense at all. California is unique when it comes to avoiding property tax reassessment (at current expensive rates of course), when it comes to using trusts and trust loans to buyout siblings' property shares and in return getting a lifetime of low Proposition 13 2% max tax base...These are the California programs all the rest of us in large and small, red and blue, rich and poor states have to copy. If you 're inheriting property and want to keep your parent’s low Proposition 13 tax base in California, you can go to a niche trust lender who will lend directly to an irrevocable trust or probate estate. Plus take advantage of Proposition 58 & 193 property tax benefits, avoid property tax reassessment, and make sure you transfer parents property taxes properly when inheriting a home or land, and inheriting property taxes., to keep parents property taxes, at the low Proposition 13 tax base… Applied to all property tax transfer scenarios, such as parent to child transfer or parent to child exclusion… Exclusion from current property tax reassessment. And that typically adds up to over $6,000 every year in savings on property taxes. You can research all these systems and programs at the official California State Board of Equalization site, at https://www.boe.ca.gov/ or research info blogs like https://propertytaxtransfertrusts.com Or get started with a trust loan, $400,000 to a Million and up, at a trust lender like https://cloanc.com, or simply use their Website to learn up on the property tax relief programs California enjoys. Then start calling and emailing your Congress people to pass property tax relief. That is where it all starts.

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